The Best Hawaiian Tiki Gods To Give As Gifts

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Best Hawaiian Tiki Gods To Give As Gifts

If you are thinking about getting someone a gift for a wedding, or simply for a special occasion, you may want to consider giving one of the many Hawaiian Tiki gods. They have many different gods to choose from, each with a very specific meaning. If the people that you know are fans of all things Hawaiian, this is the green light and you should consider giving as a gift to these people.


Lono is the ancient Tiki God that is representative of not only peace but fertility. He is also the music God, the one that was known in the ancient Hawaiian myths to have married Laka. He is also the God that is used during agricultural times four there are many different planting traditions. He was also the God of rain, a god that existed before the world was created, and is a Tiki God that you may want to give newlyweds. Lono represents fertility so this is the perfect gift to give newlyweds that are thinking about having a family.

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Kane is the Tiki God that is representative of life and light. He is said to have created the sky, as well as the upper regions of heaven and earth. It is said that he had a seashell which was very small that would become a huge sailboat when placed on the ocean waves. It allowed him to travel to different destinations, and he is also represented as the God of the sun and the creative force of the universe. This is a gift you can give people that are trying to start out in a new city, or perhaps they are trying to get a new job. It is representative of creation, and therefore there hopes and beliefs may manifest with the help of this Tiki God Kane.


Kanaloa is the Tiki God that is directly representative of the ocean. He was symbolized by a giant squid. If people that you know are fans of traveling on cruises, or if they have their own sailboat, this will provide them with safety. It is also a Tiki God that is connected to the four great gods of the Hawaiian Islands, and is representative of nature. This is a gift you will give people that are adventurous, individuals that travel the ocean, or that enjoy all things related to nature.

These are just a few of the Tiki gods that you may want to consider giving as a gift to people that you know. It is recommended that you choose one that is representative of the hobbies, interests or a situation that they are currently facing. Once they have this in their home, it is believed that these Tiki gods will provide them with the powers that they were imbued with prior to the creation of the world. It's a great way to cater to their beliefs in Hawaiian mythology, or even their love of Hawaii, providing them with a gift that they will truly appreciate.

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