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The Best Hawaiian Tiki Gods To Give As Gifts

Best Hawaiian Tiki Gods To Give As Gifts If you are thinking about getting someone a gift for a wedding, or simply for a special occasion, you may want to consider giving one of the many Hawaiian Tiki gods. They have many different gods to choose from, each with a very specific meaning. If the…
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Ku The God of War

Created by Na' wahine and Kane, and married to Hina. Ku and his manifestations, such as Ku-ka-ilimoku (Ku, the eater of islands-- the personal god of King Kamehameha, I) were brought to Hawaii by Pa'ao and when that happened, the original order was overthrown. When Ku became as the primary god of Hawaii (somewhere between…
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Documentary Exploring Haleakala Silence Airs Tonight

By Ryan Ozawa If you ask the Guiness Book of World Records, the quietest place on Earth is in a sound test chamber at a lab in Minnesota. Most people can't stand the silence for more than 20 minutes, but many people have been compelled to visit, and the lab has considered offering group tours.…
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