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Luau Games Everyone Will Enjoy

Having a luau? There is more to a luau than feast and fire! Here are some activities from the Hawaiian tradition and beyond that are sure to engage guests of ALL ages and abilities. Suggested prizes include Hawaiian gift baskets, retro posters or postcards, chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, dashboard hula dancers and gift bags of macadamia nut or pineapple cookies (all of which can be ordered direct from Kapo Trading Company).

Coconut Bocce Ball

Paint one coconut bright red with outdoor paint and let it dry a couple of days. To start the game, give one (unpainted) coconut to each player. Toss the red coconut out into the playing field. One by one, each player tosses their coconut toward the red one, trying to get as close as possible. Whoever is closest 3 times wins the match.

Conch Blowing

Not anyone can blow a conch and make it sound like music, but many have tried! To make the conch shell a horn, cut off the apex of the shell (the spiral top). Try different lip positions to get the best sound.

Conga Line

Choose Island music that boasts the best beat and start a line of dancing that snakes around the yard. Pick up dancers as you go, and keep the line connected by having each person place their hands on the person's hips in front of them. Following the leader and maintaining an unbroken line are the two greatest challenges in this activity.

Hula Hoop Contest

There are several ways to go about judging this contest. One involves the longest time keeping the hoop spinning around the waist. Another engages the neck, waist, arms, and legs, with winners able to spin the hoop on each body part for fifteen seconds. Master hula hoopers spin four or five hoops simultaneously while singing a Don Ho classic.


Many associate the limbo with beach and tropics thanks to movies and television. Although it is not a traditional piece of Polynesian history, it sure is fun! All that is needed is a long pole, preferably bamboo for the tropical look. Each person bends backward at the waist, attempting to walk under the pole without touching it. Each time it gets lower until only one person can do it.

Pass the Coconut

This group game is great for kids and adults. The idea is to transfer a coconut (without dropping it) held under the chin from person to person. No hands! The last one left is the winner. Be sure to lightly sand the coconut first so it won't rub the chin.

Popcorn Lei Contest

Have one bowl of colored and one bowl of plain popcorn on a table. Each participant is given a threaded needle with the ends of the thread tied together to create a double strand. Guests judge the entries for the most beautiful lei, placing their votes on blank cards and depositing them in a closed box. The impartial hostess or host makes the final tally.

Sand Pit

Create a sand pit for the little ones by using a kiddy swimming pool or other enclosed space. Be sure to have enough tools like buckets, shovels, and molds, and provide shells and small rocks for decorating, if desired.

Treasure Hunt

The search can be as involved as you want it to be with an actual printed map or stations offering clues. Kids definitely enjoy the mystery, though adults can have fun with this too. Hide prizes around your yard or save time by placing a grand prize in the spot marked “X”. This self-explained activity works well as a group sport or as an independent adventure that continues until the prizes are gone.

Tug of War

It is muscle and will versus muscle and will in the sand, on the grass, or in the dirt where you can really dig in your feet. The court should be 16 feet long with the center of the rope marked by a colorful ribbon or tape (at the 8 foot point).
Make a line in the ground at the center of the rope as well. Play as individuals or teams, declaring a win for whichever side avoids crossing the line.

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