Hawaiian gifts

Thank you Kapo Trading!

I LOVE Hawaiian Islands Tea Company!

I first tried them (Pineapple Waikiki and Coconut Macadamia) a couple years ago when they were provided by the hotel I was staying at in Honolulu. Later, my daughter brought me 4 boxes of them when she moved back from Hilo. However, back on the Mainland and desperate to replenish my supply I searched online and found Kapo Trading.

I have ordered tea from Kapo Trading multiple times. Ordering online is straightforward. Delivery to the Mainland has been prompt. And, the email notifications are bright, friendly and not at all obnoxious.

I currently have 12 boxes of 7 different flavors of your delicious tea. I frequently share with my tea-drinking coworkers some of whom have purchased their own boxes. We all have our own favorites. My personal favorites are: Pineapple Waikiki, Coconut Macadamia and Hibiscus Honey Lemon, but they are all wonderful.

I just wanted to let you know how much enjoyment we get from the Hawaiian Islands Teas and how much I appreciate your prompt, friendly customer service.



Felicia Liston, http://shop.kapotrading.com