How Hawaiian Clothing Makes You Feel Good and Reduces Stress

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Women are reporting higher levels of stress than men. No wonder...working, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids...where's the "me" time?

Research from The University of Arizona's School of Family and Consumer Resources decided to find out why women are so stressed. They took a sample of 166 married couples and had each participant maintain a daily diary over the course of 42 days, where they recorded their daily stressors. The results indeed showed that women reported a greater amount of "high distress" days and fewer distress-free days than men.

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Interestingly, the differences in levels of stressful days were due to women experiencing more onsets of "distress episodes" (having stress response triggered), rather than being more likely to continue in a distressed state from one day to the next. In other words, women didn't hold onto their stress more; they just experienced more episodes of being stressed.

If you're one of these stressed women, we've got the cure:

!!! Wearing Hawaiian Clothing Makes You Feel Good.

Sounds silly, but it's true -- it's almost impossible to be in a bad mood, and thus stressed out, when you're wearing bright, colorful and fun Hawaiian clothing.  Here's our proof, at our stores and events we wear the bright red Hawaiian shirts (yes and I mean bright red) and we literally get offers at least once a month from someone wanting to buy these shirts right off our back.  Why? Because seeing our bright vivacious shirts made them happy,less stressed, laugh and smile.

So you're still skeptical.  Let's put this to your own test.  Hear are some pictures of people wearing different clothing.  Here's the test:

women's hawaiian clothingmen's hawaiian clothingwomen's hawaiian fashion








1) Which catches your attention first?
2) Which makes you feel more happy?
3) Which of the people look more happy

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No worries mate, we know men are stressed out also, so we aren't going to forget about you.  Now for the men out there you're still not convinced.  Let's start with the word "Aloha".  Now, say the word "Aloha".  Now say the word "Aloha" and try not to smile.  See you can't even speak Hawaiian and not smile.

The Aloha shirt or Hawaiian Shirt gained instant popularity back in the late 1920's when tourists became increasingly attracted to the bold and unusual Polynesian prints that Hawaiian islanders were wearing, and this attraction has continued on until today. It even became tradition for employers to encourage their employees to wear their Hawaiian shirt to work every Friday creating one of Hawaii's most popular catch phrase's, "Aloha Friday." Put one on this Friday and we guarantee you'll feel better.hawaiian clothing

You're still skeptical, and we still have failed to convince you.  Try this, buy one piece of Hawaiian clothing. And where do you find the best selection and prices on Hawaiian clothing? KAPO TRADING COMPANY or course.  Once it has arrived, wear that piece of clothing to work the next 3 Friday's. Or if you don't want to "Go For It" in public just yet, but want to kick the tires on feeling happy and less stressed wearing some Hawaiian clothing, put on a Hawaiian apron in the kitchen for 3 weeks (men can try this also).  We'll bet you feel better and someone else notices! In fact, we'll make you a deal, if you don't feel better or get at least one compliment on your new wardrobe in those 3 weeks contact us and we'll send you a nice FREE gift.

Kapo Trading Company will deliver Hawaii to you -- after all we know you're way to busy to go there and pick out some clothes for yourself -- plus it would be a little bit expensive.....but we'd love to have you visit anytime!

You'll find beautiful Hawaiian clothing such as Hawaiian dresses, shirts, shorts, sandals and more!!

This is the perfect prescription for any woman's or man's stress: Order Hawaiian Clothing from Kapo Trading Company!

You'll be a brand new person -- you'll look and feel great!