5 Tips on Dressing Your Flower Girls For a Hawaiian Themed Wedding

Hawaiian gifts

hawaiian wedding dressEvery bride would love to have a romantic wedding by the beach, something that would look simple yet be very sweet. One of the ways in which you can achieve that without having to spend too much is by having a Hawaiian themed wedding. It would also be very inexpensive for you because there would be no need to buy a lot of fancy pieces of fabric just to make sure everyone is the same. It is also a fun theme to consider especially since your guests can come in comfortable clothing and their very own Hawaiian inspired attire.

But for the kids, there might be a few important pointers you'd like to consider to make sure they are prepared enough for that Hawaiian-themed wedding. Here are some practical tips you might want to observe:

1. Get the right sizes - Do not assume that your little girls can just be fit into small, medium, and large respectively. It would be safest to get the right measurements of the little girls especially since Girls Hawaiian dresses tend to be more body hugging. This would also help motivate them to be excited for the wedding as you know that the flower girls and the ring bearers are often known for throwing tantrums while walking down the aisle. Most studies actually showed that tantrums happen because the kids are forced to wear uncomfortable clothes.

Girls Hawaiian Dress Color

girls hawaiian dresses2. Consider the favorite color of your flower girls - If you are not following a specific color motif for your wedding theme, it would also be a good motivation for the little girls to have some of their favorite colors printed on their dress. This can also help motivate them to wear the said dresses and then walk proudly as they have it on.

3. Use cotton as your base material - More than just the styling of the dress, it is also very important to consider what would be comfortable for the little ones to wear. Since a Hawaiian theme is simple and comfortable, you can already let the kids wear clothes that are actually made from cotton. This way they would be able to wear clothes that are breathable and even thought they would play around while wearing it, they would still feel very at ease having the said dress on.

Allow the Hawaiian Flower Girls to Pick - Girls Hawaiian Dresses

girls hawaiian dresses4. Allow the flower girls to pick their dress - If you're not stuck on a specific color, style and/or brand, you could certainly let the flower girl pick her dress to wear. This would surely make them feel excited to wear it because it will make them extra proud to be able to show off that they are wearing a dress they proudly chose.

5. Fit the clothes again before the wedding - Although you might have the measurements done and everything, it never hurts to do a final fitting three days at least before the wedding. This way, if any adjustments should be made it would be done in due time.

Don't forget the Tiki Bar Party Favors for the Kids

tiki cupsMany brides like to give their bridal party a gift in appreciation of their participation and support of their big day. Tiki cups make a great party favor -- they're plastic so they won't break and they're reusable -- so it's something they'll hold on to for a long time and remember where, when and how they got it. They can be filled with candy or other treats. And you'll find they come in many colors -- so you could even give a few as part of a Hawaiian gift basket.


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