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Catch The Breeze – Windsurfing Hawaii

Hawaii is known for many things - pristine beaches and wonderful ocean vistas. Great people who welcome visitors with open arms. Fantastic food and a tourism industry that makes all who arrive on the islands welcome. And this is a place where the water is part and parcel of an entire culture. The waves have…
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Ridiculously Interesting Facts About Hawaii

Ever just kick back and wonder what some of the interesting things that Hawaii is known for.  Yes, us too, so we put together a bunch below for you to spend some Hawaiian time. 1. Currently, the most searched food in Hawaii is — Matcha via: Shutterstock In case you haven’t come across matcha at your…
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Hawaiian Theme Luau Decorations … A Great Idea

Hawaiian Theme Luau Decorations Truly Are A Great Idea When you are running a Hawaiian themed party you need to realize one of those things that you are going to need to have is the fun luau decorations. The proper decorations can take your small gathering from being something simple and easy to something that…
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A Woody for a Woody

According to Wikipedia, a woodie (or woody) is a car body style with rear bodywork constructed of wood framework with infill wood panels. It looks like this: Woody is also the name, or nickname, of many men. We learned about a real-life Woody - actually his real name is Sherwood. Check out what he had to…
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