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Created by Na' wahine and Kane, and married to Hina. Ku and his manifestations, such as Ku-ka-ilimoku (Ku, the eater of islands-- the personal god of King Kamehameha, I) were brought to Hawaii by Pa'ao and when that happened, the original order was overthrown. When Ku became as the primary god of Hawaii (somewhere between 750, and 1250 A.D.), the balanced system where women and men were honored equally was overthrown. Today, Ku is the prevailing deity in the Heiau of Hawaii, and so women are not allowed on the platforms of the Heiau and are not allowed to make offerings. While we do not agree with the Kapu against women in today's current system, we respect the beliefs of the current Kapu system. The days of dishonor to women are over, however, and it is time to end that prohibition. Ku is Lord of the North.

Ku (Ku-ka-ili-moku) ("Snatcher of the Land") is a God of Strength, War and Healing and is one of the four great gods along with Kanaloa, Kane, and Lono. Ku-ka-ili-moku was the guardian of Kamehameha I. He is depicted with a wide grimacing mouth and bent legs.

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In Hawaiian mythology or Kūkaʻilimoku is one of the four great gods. The other three are Kanaloa, Kāne, and Lono. Feathered god images or 'aumakua hulu manu are considered to represent Kū. Kū is worshipped under many names, including Kū-ka-ili-moku (also written Kūkaʻilimoku), the "Snatcher of Land". Kūkaʻilimoku rituals included human sacrifice, which was not part of the worship of other gods.

He is known as the god of war and the husband of the goddess Hina. Some have taken this to suggest a complementary dualism, as the word kū in the Hawaiian language means "to stand" while one meaning of hina is "to fall ". This analysis is not supported by evidence from other Polynesian languages which distinguish the original "ng" and "n". Hina's counterpart in New Zealand for example, is Hina, associated with the moon, rather than Hinga, "fallen down". Thus, the Hawaiian name Hina is probably rather connected to the other meaning of hina, denoting a silvery-grey color (like the full moon); indeed the moon is named Mahina in the Hawaiian language. Kū, Kāne, and Lono caused light to shine in upon the world. They are uncreated gods who have existed from eternity.

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