Getting Lei’d? What It Says About You

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If you have been to any of the Hawaiian Islands, you have probably received more than one Hawaiian lei. These leis come in different colors and are often made from different flowers. Did you know that different types of leis are used to symbolize different meanings? Read on.

The Orchid Lei Is Used to Say "Welcome"

If you've visited Hawaii, you probably received a traditional orchid Hawaiian lei at the airport. This particular lei is used to let someone know that they are a welcome guest. If you receive a pink carnation lei, it is a symbol of friendship A dark red carnation symbolizes love.

The Maile Lei Is Often Worn by the Groom

If you are planning to get married in true Hawaiian style, it is customary to incorporate the exchanging of leis as a part of your wedding ceremony. For the bride, a traditional floral lei to go with her bouquet is a perfect choice. Many choose one made from Ilima flowers. For the groom the traditional choice is the green leaf maile lei.

Graduation Leis Made of Flowers Are a Fabulous Gift

Silk Flower Leis and Headbands
Flowers have always been a large part of any celebration and this includes when it comes time for a student to graduate. While many graduates receive bouquets, in Hawaii the tradition is to give graduation leis made of bright and colorful orchids. Recently, a small number of parents and grandparents have taken to making leis from one dollar bills as a wish for future prosperity.

The Proper Way to Wear a Hawaiian Lei

The Hawaiian lei is given as a traditional gift representing a symbol of love, welcome and acceptance. Once given it is important that the recipient wear it properly as a sign of respect to the person who gave it. There are right ways to wear leis and wrong ways -- wearing one the wrong way can be just as disrespectful as not wearing it at all.

Two Ways to Wear Your Hawaiian Lei

How you wear a Hawaiian lei that has been given to you depends on the type of lei you are given. If it is a closed loop style of lei, you should wear it draped over the shoulders with approximately half in front of you and the other half on your back. If you have been given a strand lei, you can wear it draped around your neck with the loose ends in front of you.

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