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Impractical Jokers in Hawaii .. Hawaii Should Be Off-limits to These Jokers

Not sure if you're a fan of Impractical Jokers or not, but you literally can't not laugh at these guys who literally butcher the Hawaiian culture, but I do give them credit for their Aloha spirit though.  In this first clip, you will watch Murr complete embarrass himself as a Psychic.

Sal and Joe go at it in the challenge of pass the message in their cool Hawaiian threads.  They are both doing a great job of convincing the fine gentleman to help them out, while Joe manages to give a whole new meaning to the word "Mahalo" . Eventually, the gentleman loses his patients with one of the Jokers so watch the video clip below to find out which jokers makes it to the loser board.

Now it Murr and Q's turn to take on the pass the message challenge. They both go to all lengths, including the Hawaiian Leis, to get their participant to continue to pass the message to the other guy until one of them makes the dude literally carry a tent, yes I said a tent, to the other guy. Watch the hysterical clip below to find out which joker ends up on the loser board.

OMG, this clip is ridiculous. Each joker has to take their turn reading their proposal speech in front of a complete stranger. Of course, their speech was written by the other jokers who are vowing to get them to fail miserably when they have to ask their contestant if they felt their speech was worthy.  Find out which joker Murr or Q fails this test miserably and ends up on the loser board in the clip below.  Try not to laugh ... I couldn't not laugh ... see how you do and comment below.

OK, this time they go too far with Joe and Murr trying to educate a group of tourists on the Hawaiian culture. I have to say there is no way you won't be able to hold it in and not laugh at this clip below.  These two guys are complete Hawaiian idiots, but certainly, give it all they got in trying to act like Hawaiian natives.  We challenge you not to laugh.  Please comment below.

Let me ask you for real. Did you get through all these clips without laughing? If you did then you must be close to dead.  If not did you learn anything about the Hawaiian culture from these Jokers ... please comment below.  Just for the record, the loser of this episode had to swim with the sharks in Hawaii and needed a bigger boat.

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