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Getting Lei’d? What It Says About You

If you have been to any of the Hawaiian Islands, you have probably received more than one Hawaiian lei. These leis come in different colors and are often made from different flowers. Did you know that different types of leis are used to symbolize different meanings? Read on. The Orchid Lei Is Used to Say…
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Is That A Flower In Your Hair?

Hawaii has an official State Flower? (yellow hibiscus) Did you also know that each Hawaiian Island has its own official flower? Hawaiians love flowers and each has customs and meanings related to them. You've probably seen women wearing a flower in their hair. Many Hawaiian women wear Hibiscus and based on which side she wears…
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Hawaiian Gift Baskets: The Perfect Holiday Gift

Holiday Gift Baskets You want to give a special gift....one that is remembered and talked about for a long time. Give the gift of Aloha -- a Hawaiian gift basket. Authentic Hawaiian gift baskets with hundreds of fun, unique and innovative gift ideas to add a little spice to every occasion... just the thing when you…
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