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Honolulu: Insider Travel Guide

  (Source: CNN) Four of the most glorious words in the travel lexicon? "We're going to Hawaii!" What may come as a surprise are the twists recently added to some familiar island icons. Recent years have seen major refurbishments at many hotels along the famed beach of Waikiki. New decor. New bathrooms. New spas. Some beachfront hotels…
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The Hawaii We Rarely See

(CNN)Ahhhhh, Hawaii. Just saying that word out loud stirs fantasies of a tropical vacation playground with leis, luaus, swanky resorts and hula dancing.   Hula schmoola. Hawaii gets more interesting if you ignore all that noise.   Photographer Phil Jung has ripped away the fake veil of tourist destinations and Hollywood cliches to reveal the…
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Hiking Through a Hawaiian Lava Tube

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii (CNN) Picture a volcano spewing a river of molten lava burning so hot that it burrows its way through the Earth, moving so fast that a human couldn't outrun it. That's what happened on the Big Island of Hawaii at what is now Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The lava flow…
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