Is That A Flower In Your Hair?

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Hawaii has an official State Flower? (yellow hibiscus) Did you also know that each Hawaiian Island has its own official flower?

Hawaiians love flowers and each has customs and meanings related to them. You've probably seen women wearing a flower in their hair. Many Hawaiian women wear Hibiscus and based on which side she wears that flower will show if she is single or married. If a lady wears a flower on the right side of her hair (usually close to the ear), it means she is single and available. On the other hand if she wears it on the left side, it means she is already married or already taken and not available.

Hawaiian Floral Hair Clips

Hawaiian Flower Leis

Another flower related Hawaiian custom is the lei. Although most people think of a lei as being made of flowers, there are many made of other materials such as shells, nuts and seeds which were historically considered very valuable in the daily life of local people in Hawaii. While flower leis are frequently used for welcoming visitors to Hawaii, these types of leis seem to be used mainly among locals by wearing them on hand at the time of special events.

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