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Formed by volcanoes, Hawaii is a collection of islands that feel like paradise. The islands continue to grow with active volcanoes consistently producing new lava flows and adding to the land mass. Loihi is going to be the newest island, but is still underwater at this point. If you have a long-term view, however, you can start saving money for a deposit now!

Each island of Hawaii has unique features to satisfy the desires of anyone locating. You can get rain forest, soaring mountains, prairie like areas and, of course, beaches, beaches and more beaches. There is no better place to live than Hawaii if you love the ocean.


Perhaps the most popular of the islands, Maui is a hot spot for travelers seeking fun in the sun. Ripe with beaches and golf courses, one can't help just looking around and admiring the view from practically anywhere on the island. Lahaina is the main resort area in the north and Wailea is a surf mecca on the south end of the island.


Located on Oahu, Honolulu is the biggest city in Hawaii with a population of roughly 400,000 residents. With the major airport in Hawaii and beaches of Waikiki, Honolulu is the first destination of most travelers. The city is situated up against mountains and is about the only place you'll find skyscrapers and traffic jams of freeways. With only 400,000 people, the city is not over populated. Still, it is a city and probably the least attractive location on the islands. In Hawaii, that is a very relative statement.

Hawaii Real Estate

Hawaii is a paradise and Hawaii real estate prices reflect it. Surprisingly, the prices are actually a little less than California. A single family home in Honolulu is going to set you back roughly $730,000, while the same home in Maui will average $20,000 more. On a positive note, real estate in Hawaii has appreciated at a very profitable rate over the recent years.

Hawaii is truly paradise on earth. The real estate prices reflect it.

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