The First Clip Of ‘Moana’ Proves She’s Going To Be The Best Disney Princess Yet

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Aulii Cravalho just dropped the first clip from Moana and it looks absolutely amazing.

This Thanksgiving, the island gods will be gifting us all with The Rock and Lin-Manuel Mirandas first Disney collab, Moana.

Though were still a little over a month away from the movie hitting theaters, you are now able to get a sneak peek at what the film has in store thanks to Aulii Cravalho, who voices Moana in the movie.

Cravalho uploaded the exclusive first clip to her Twitter (Modern Twitter. Not the Twitter where you carve your autograph on an oar with a birds beak!)

Eff, this movie is going to crush. The animation is gorgeous and The Rock can do no wrong as far as Im concerned.

Ill literally watch anything with The Rock in it. Anything. Need proof? I watched The Tooth Fairy like three times as a kid and that movies slogan was You cant handle the tooth. It is cinematic magic.

OK, Im done Rock fangirling for now.

If that clip didnt get you pumped for Moana, you can check out the full trailer here:

Its been a pretty eventful past few days for the cast of Moana. They just did some big-time press for the movie in Hawaii over the weekend.

Aulii and The Rock both got to unveil Disneys promotional Moana plane, which features characters from the movie drawn on the side of the planes fuselage.

Also, not that you needed another reason to shell out money for a ticket, but Hamilton composer and low-key hottie Lin-Manuel Miranda scored the music for the movie.

So, like, in a weird way, seeing Moana is the closest most of us will ever come to seeing Hamilton.

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