Pacific Perfection: The Best Kauai Beaches

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Best Kauai Beaches

Excitement or adventure, Kauai beaches are the perfect places to be if you're looking for serenity. Almost half of the islands coastline is made of both commercial and open beaches featuring an array of beautiful plants and animals on water, land and air. Some of these sites have unique characteristics which are why it is very important to be on the lookout constantly and understand some navigation and safety tips.

Finding the Best Kauai Beaches

The oldest and northernmost island of Hawaii, Kauai measures around 552 square miles on an almost perfect circle form. It is about 33 miles wide and 25 miles long at its furthest points and only 3% of the land is residentially and commercially used. People generally reside along the coastal points leaving the interior part pristine and conserved. Expect temperature to be around 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit although these tend to rise during the summer and drop during late afternoon and evening.

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Cool breezes come from the northeast trade winds while the ocean temperature ranges anywhere from 68 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Rain showers are common early in the morning and at night over the mountain ranges.

Anini Beach on Anini Road in North Shore Kauai is one of the safest and most protected sites along the northern part of Kauai. Hawaiis longest reef runs the whole length of Anini Beach. You will find luxurious Kauai vacation homes at different key points featuring captivating views of the coast and ocean.

One side of the beach only has 4 feet of water that slowly cascades to more than a 100 feet on the opposite end. You can enjoy several activities like snorkeling, windsurfing, scuba diving and swimming. There are campsites as well along shady Kamani trees complete with restrooms and showers.

Donkey Beach is located in East Kauai featuring a combination of rocks, sand and trees. Donkey Beach was named after the common practice of letting burros and donkeys haul sugar cane in nearby fields and plantations. This is a beautiful open beach where you can enjoy snorkeling, walking and picnicking. There are no facilities, restrooms and lifeguards. Visitors should be cautious about swimming during high tide since waves breaking on ledges and drop offs are unpredictable.

Haean Beach on Highway 560, North Kauai is another open beach and is a favorite among surfers. There is a beach and park area with picnic tables, restrooms and showers. However, because of deep drop offs, swimming is not recommended at Haean Beach.

Kauai Beach Safety Guidelines

For amateur surfers and swimmers, it is recommended to swim only at beaches featuring lifeguards and located only a few miles from the nearest health facilities. It's good practice to inform lifeguards and other companions before going into the water and ask for swimming tips and areas of concern. Watch out for warning signs and follow rules. Daily and seasonal changes occur which can make some beaches particularly dangerous depending on the current weather, tide or time of the year.

Waves come in sets and there can be as much as a 20-minute break in between dangerous ones. Stay away from coastal rocks and boulders since strong waves can easily thrash people. Ask how long from the shoreline the drop offs are. When walking on sand, grass and rocks, accidents can happen off the water as well so be careful. It is advised to go with a rip current instead of fighting back and swimming against the current.

If you are caught in a rip current and feel out of control, call for help immediately and conserve energy.  As a precaution, ask a partner to go with you when doing water activities at Kauai beaches and if you do not have full information about a certain Kauai beach or body of water, never go out.

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