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While the summer is still with us for only a short time, we prefer to utilize the moment to daydream regarding being a local in one of our dream locations of all times, stunning North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii ...

The North Shore is among the globe's most well-known surf areas. Very non-definitively consisting of 12 miles of the NW shore of Oahu, Hawaii, the coastline extends from tiny town of Haleiwa in the west to Kuilima Bay in the east. It may be crowded, but absolutely nothing could remove the North Shore's distinct culture and history, which has permitted it to stand the test of time versus the ridiculous march of global tourism. The area is known for brutal localism with gangs such as "Da Hui", handling the increase of "Haole" (white) surfers, but really this is a myth as long as you're well-mannered and respectful of both the locals and the sea, you should not have any trouble.

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Visit in the summertime for a much more chill vibe, mill pond waters and also long empty coastlines, or decide on winter season to become part of the surf circus as folks collide to ride the winter swells. Either method you'll be awarded with a warm gentle breeze, crystal clear water, tasty fresh fruit as well as seafood, and also although it appears odd to say it, it actually holds true, a warm Aloha from the Hawaiian Isles.

Here is a very nice timelapse video that will show you some unique looks at portions of the North Shore (no massive swells though since it summer) that will hopefully leave you longing to visit as soon as you can.


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