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Hawaiian Shirt Nation

Jack Carpenter didn't choose the Hawaiian life, the Hawaiian life chose him. Great rap video style entertainment with Jack Carpenter who absolutely rips it open about how Hawaiian Shirts always live on and that flannels, skinny jeans and other fad fashions get wrecked over time.

First Jack shows up for class late and the teacher exclaims how hip his Hawaiian shirt is looking. Even his Lacoste wearing classmates pin Jack as boss in his Hawaiian shirts. He then takes on an epic rap battle defending his Hawaiian shirts, where nobody can overcome his Hawaiian shirt raps. He is the rap king of the Hawaiian Shirt Nation.

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As Jack boosts the grass is always greener in his epic Hawaiian Shirt Nation, he polishes it all off four buttons deep, where he fends off all his critics with 10 babes in his car blasting off the Beach Boys. Hawaiian shirts do live on and stand the test of fashion fads ... join the Hawaiian Shirt Nation.

You have got to watch this awesomely entertaining Hawaiian shirt rap video below ... then run out and stock up on your awesome authentic Hawaiian shirts.


Written + Performed by: Jack Carpenter

Shot By: Nick Bartram, Pete Perry, Alec Kozlowski, Curran McCee

© Jackinthebox Productions 2013.

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