Whole Bean Or Ground – The Kona Coffee Debate

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Whole Bean Or Ground - The Kona Coffee Debate

There can be very little argument that coffee from Hawaii is one of the premium coffee offerings in the world.

One of the most famous offerings is the Kona varietal - however, every island in the chain has its own particular specialty that will never disappoint.

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The high elevation and perfect climate on the islands in Hawaii make it the ideal place for small family-owned farms to grow coffee that shows care and attention to the fine art of making a brew that can stand head to head with the best in the world. There are a number of districts that today produce an exceptional brew. Among them are varieties of Hawaiian coffee that are grown in in Kau, Puna and Hilo.

However, there is one question that lovers of the rich aromatic brew provided by these boutique farms always ask - is it better to purchase the bean or the ground product?

It's a vexing question and depends on a number of personal preferences of those who will be enjoying the premium product.

In essence, the argument is what makes the difference to the individual coffee drinker. Is it the experience of grinding one's own brew - or is it a question of convenience?

The truth of the matter is that ground coffee tends to start to degrade ever so slightly once it is packaged. That is not to say that the coffee drinker will enjoy a substandard experience. The coffee will still retain its aroma and that rich, organic taste that Hawaiian coffee has become famous for. It's just a question of how long after the bean is cracked open and ground.

However, the beans bring a lot to the table - or rather the cup. Firstly there is the experience itself. Grinding your own coffee beans is part of a unique experience. The beans retain their freshness and much of the natural flavor of the coffee as it is harvested for a bit, particularly if stored in a cool dry location.

There is also the question of cost. The milling of the ground beans does add a little to the cost of purchase, but this must be balanced against that convenience.

Of course, the beans themselves will offer a longer shelf life so that must be taken into account. If you are going to be using your ground Hawaiian coffee within a very short time of purchase then the difference in taste and aroma will be negligible - but store the ground version and you will be losing at least some of that unique Hawaiian coffee taste and aroma.

The solution to getting the best out of Hawaiian ground Kona (or any other varietal) is to make use of some of the many companies that offer superior products over the Internet, simply buy more often, like KTC Hawaiian.

However, if you will be keeping your coffee for extended periods of time then store it somewhere cool and grind it yourself for those special times with family and friends. The beauty of this superior coffee is that whichever path you choose to take you will be assured that it has been harvested with the utmost care and that the product you will receive will make for a cup that is filled to the brim with flavor and aroma. Whether you choose ground Hawaiian coffee or Hawaiian coffee beans - there will never be any disappointment.

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