Coffee Favors for your Wedding

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Want a unique wedding favor to send home with your guests?

Coffee wedding favors are very popular and unique items that will be used with joy. They're not something that will just sit on a shelf collecting dust. By giving a wedding coffee favor, you will be reminding your guests of the  wonderful memories and fun times they had at the wedding as they sip their full-bodied delicious coffee.

Here are some simple ideas to truly make your coffee wedding favors memorable:

Try to plan the theme of the wedding first and then choose a coffee that goes along with that theme. For example, a simple one would be if you get married in Maui, or even a Hawaiian theme wedding you want to useKona coffee in your basket. If you have not yet chosen a theme for the wedding, another thing you can do is to look for a local coffee roaster company and buy from them. This gives the guests a small taste of the local area and supports your local businesses as well. Another option would be to choose your own favorite flavor of coffee. Do you love a certain mix at your local cafe or maybe something fancy from Starbucks? Well, choose this as your coffee. As forethought you may want to buy both regular caffeinated coffee and decaffeinated as well.

Next, you’ll want to add some personal details to make your coffee wedding favors really stand out. There are so many ways to do this but we will give you just a few:

Coffee Packs – If at all possible, it is a very elegant to customize the bags. You can print a label on your computer or go to a quick-print shop that can do this for you. Putting things such as the bride and groom’s name, date and place of the wedding can be a nice touch.

Mugs – To round out the coffee and expand from the basics a bit more buying coffee mugs can be a quick
and easy addition. You can easily purchase customized mugs in any color you want. You can also add a picture easily (ex: a picture of the bride and groom).

Stir Spoons – Buy a large number of plastic spoons and drop them in melted chocolate. Then wrap them and add a nice bow/ribbon that matches the colors of the wedding. Now you take a gift from an "oh nice" to a"WOW" level.

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans – Another fun addition is a personal bag of chocolate covered coffee beans. These can easily be bought in bulk and then put into a jar or bag and customized with a quick label on the computer.

Chocolates – There are not many coffee drinkers in the world who would refuse a wonderfully elegant chocolate in addition to their coffee. You don't want to include too many chocolates with the coffee, but a few high-quality chocolates nicely wrapped with a band can go a long way to impressing your guests.

Hot Chocolate – Do a lot of people with younger children come to the wedding? If so you might want to include some fun with hot chocolate as favors, and in this way, children can join in the fun too!

Tea – If you are concerned about the non-coffee drinkers out there, you can use a nice tea or tea bags as the gift.

Chocolate Coated Almonds – Chocolate covered almonds can be bought in bulk in a variety of colors and find one that matches the colors of the wedding and once again make jars of them can be a fun addition to your coffee wedding favors.

As you can see coffee wedding favors are a good idea that can be very creative by adding some simple elements to dress them up and customize to let people remember your special day. Think of all the people in the morning after the wedding who will wake up and enjoy the wonderful coffee wedding favor you so lovingly prepared for them. It will be greatly appreciated and remembered.

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