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Mun Doo

Mun doo or korean potsticker is great on a cold and rainy day in the islands, and yes they do occur on occasion. You will often see flowing lines of customers outside restaurant doors, waiting for their bowls of hot soup and noodles. While the Korean mun doo is typically served as an appetizer, it…
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Huli Huli Chicken

You will make this again and again! Grilled Huli Huli Chicken is a top notch chicken recipe! The marinade is quick and easy and full of such amazing flavor! In a medium sized bowl, whisk together pineapple juice, soy sauce, brown sugar, ketchup, chicken broth, worchestershire sauce and garlic. Search Click Here to Search Recipes…
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Ginger Chicken

This ginger chicken recipe is great for the beginner chefs. It's very simple and straight forward, but will delight even the pallette. This ginger chicken recipe combines sweet and savory flavors with its use of garlic, onion, oyster sauce and ginger for a well-rounded sweet and salty taste. You really just can't go wrong with…
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