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Another Hawaiian Phrase

Here's another Hawaiian phrase:Ekala mai    SorryThere's so many uses for this Hawaiian phrase.To learn more Hawaiian words, CLICK HEREIf you're looking for the perfect gift to give your loved one, KTC Hawaiian delivers Hawaii to you with fun and unique Hawaiian gifts. [recenttesti num="2" thumb="true"]
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Coffee Favors for your Wedding

Want a unique wedding favor to send home with your guests? Coffee wedding favors are very popular and unique items that will be used with joy. They're not something that will just sit on a shelf collecting dust. By giving a wedding coffee favor, you will be reminding your guests of the  wonderful memories and…
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Hawaiian Holiday Customs

Hawaii is a state with a variety of customs and cultures not commonly known or even practiced by those of us on the Mainland. If you’re looking for a few ideas for giving the “gift of Hawaii” here are some tips and practices: Because Hawaii contains food items that aren’t readily available to those on the Mainland  these items often make great gifts. For…
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How To Select The Perfect Gift For A Man

It's that time of year again......time to think about what to give to the men in your life. Did I just see you run in the other direction? Don't worry -- you're not alone. For many, it's stressful figuring out what to give a man as a gift. They tell us "I have no idea…
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