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A great glass of wine is complex and interesting. So is a great cup of coffee. But coffee is only 1/10 the cost of wine. And most people drink much more coffee than wine.

So, read on to learn and appreciate your coffee more!

When properly brewed, coffee has several distinct tastes, including:

Earthiness is a deep mossy coffee taste prevalent in coffee from Sumatra , sometimes Papua New Guinea and Indonesia .

Citrus, also called acidity, is a very common flavor in Ethiopian , Kenyan , Panamanian, and other Central American coffees.

Berry or a jam-like flavor is very popular in Central American coffees . It is a combination of citrus and fruit flavors. It is never in the forefront; it is more of a minor coffee taste.

Complexity is desirable in coffees from Columbia , Costa Rica , Guatemala , Panama and other Central and South American countries. It's a cup with all of the above flavors, plus some herbiness, wine, molasses, brown sugar, etc. It's often the result of beans from a very rich soil, alternating altitude and microclimates, or from blending coffees from different countries.

A great way to learn about coffee flavors is to buy some single origins and brew them side-by-side. Try aPapua New Guinea next to a Columbian , a Sumatran next to an Ethipoian or a Costa Rican . You'll taste the difference - and build up some knowledge of coffees.

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