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If someone mentions Hawaii, Hawaiian Music and Hula Dance come into mind instantly.. another landmark attraction is Pearl Harbor which was surprised by a massive Japanese attack. All the aircrafts engaged in attack were spotted by radars but no action was taken assuming them as friendly planes. This mistake has caused 2400 people died and a number of ships destroyed but the most remarkable loss was sinking of USS Arizona with 1177 crew on board. Arizona Memorial is a tribute which stands at the same spot where USS Arizona was sunk and you can see the Ship under water. Arizona Memorial can be reached by launch boats. On board Arizona Memorial is the list of all the sailors and staff of Ship which went down with Ship. On mainland of Hawaii there is a museum with survivors stories and rescued items from the Ship with an interesting and inspiring video about USS Arizona disaster.

Hawaii has ample opportunities for shopping for macadamia nuts, face cream and pineapples (at Dole Plantation). Site seeing adventures like interestingly shaped rocks and island such as Lion Rock and Turtle Island. Hanauma Bay is stunningly beautiful beach to spend the entire day. Hawaii is just the place for you if you take interest in Adventures like Surfing. Hawaiis North Shore has some of the worlds highest waves up to 5 meters high or more.

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Hanauma Bay is a beautiful marine sanctuary and Reef which reaches the shore lovely sheltered bay. There is a very informative knowledge center above Hanauma Bay where all the information about Hawaii, Marine life and species are there. Monster Parrot Fish, nice wrasses, butterfly fish and a spotted box fish are other attractions of this information.
Hawaii has mad crowded Waikiki Beach but is also has lots of divine astounding beautiful sea shores and bays. Once always would want to return to Explore Hawaii again and again, everyone who comes here.

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