The Hawaiian Island of Molokai

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The Hawaiian islands offer a wide variety of activities, such as surfing, swimming snorkeling, and land activities such as island hopping. The island of Molokai is known as the mysterious island.

Molokai is the least developed of all of the islands. Getting around on the island of Molokai can be difficult due to lack of modernization. There are two shops on the island that rent bikes, Molokai Outdoor Activities and Molokai Bicycle.

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There are two ways to get to the island. The airport is small and you must fly in from a larger island such as Oahu or Maui. The island is most easily accessible by boat.

The most popular beach is known as Twenty Mile beach. It has a barrier reef, which makes for a great snorkeling opportunity. The beach is located near the 20-mile marker of the main highway.

There are two ranches on Molokai. Another popular activity of the island of Molokai is mule riding. The tours are available through a company called Molokai Mule Rides.

Hiking is a popular pastime in Molokai. These tours are only available a couple of times a month, so it's a good idea to make reservations and check with the conservatory before arriving in Molokai. This preserve boasts almost 3000 acres of native ecosystems including a cloud forest and habitats for many endangered plants and animals.

What Hawaiian island would be complete without a golf course?  Molokai has two. The Ironwood Hills Golf Club was originally built by Del Monte for its employees. The club is a very casual fun environment.  The Kaluakoi Golf Course is located in a resort condominium community.  This resort community has been limited by something called the Molokai plan.  The plan is an agreement between lawmakers and locals to keep the island from becoming over developed.  This plan has allowed the island and its inhabitants to keep their rural lifestyle.  In fact, fishing, hunting, and ranching are still among the islands top professions of choice.

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