Snorkeling Your Way Around Maui

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Looking for something fun to do in Maui? Make sure you add snorkeling to the agenda!

Renting snorkeling gear is very inexpensive, and also the encounter can be downright transformative if you have actually never ever done it before. The coral reefs surrounding Maui are absolutely sensational full of wonderfully colored fish. It's a great adventure to share if you're on a charming Maui getaway, but you 'd also be amazed at the amount of fun youngsters have with it, provided they are comfortable in water. To preserve your memories, there are cost-effective underwater cameras, or you could possibly buy a GoPro to film your encounter. The possibilities are limitless, especially if you recognize where the very best places are.

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At the north end, there is Black Rock, which gives a protected anchor for a myriad of coral reefs, where you'll find a wide range of fish and also various other marine life. You may also see some turtles. This is a great place for snorkeling, as well as when you have actually had your fill, you can get refreshed at one of the restaurants set down at the edge of the sand.

Drive down Lahaina to Olowalu for an additional wonderful encounter. Here, the water tends to be shallower, and also the coral reefs are much closer to the area, offering added security from wave action. It might feel like a labyrinth in certain areas, however there are sand stations that lead back to the coastline.

Make the trip out to South Maui's La Peruse Bay, put right into the lava fields, and also you'll discover a stony seaside where reefs are almost everywhere, as are their several inhabitants. It can be a bit more tough to get in and out of the water thanks to the rocky landscape, yet those rocks are excellent home for the reefs, as well as the experience is magnificent.

These three areas are all wonderful, yet to have the very best experience possible, there are some points to remember. If you slack on the sunscreen, you will certainly regret it. The sun's rays are much more intense here compared to in the remainder of the U.S. considering that we are much closer to the equator. That indicates you will burn faster. No matter what you're doing, be diligent with your sun block, or it could put a serious damper on your whole holiday encounter. Second, it's usually best to go in the morning, and also the earlier the better. The wind and waves kick up during the day as well as during the late night. Don't snorkel or swim in choppy conditions when the water is dirty. Await until you have a day when the water looks like blue glass with just a couple of surges. You'll be glad you did, since you'll be more secure, and also undersea presence will certainly be significantly more clear. Lastly, remember that also on those perfect early mornings, the weather could change rather promptly. Go back in towards the coast if the surges start to kick up.

Enjoy snorkeling in Maui -- it's definitely an adventure you'll never forget!

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