Keanae Arboretum: A family tree-hug on Maui’s Hana Highway

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Halfway to Hana and right on the sleepy highway, the Keanae Arboretum is the perfect spot for everyone to pile out of the car and commune with trees from all over the planet. A wide, easy-going path will suit anyone from toddlers to grandma.

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A few flowers, like red ginger and heliconia mixed in with the leafy giants. A stream flows alongside the exotic forest, which was planted in 1971.

A native Hawaiian and Polynesian garden begins where the wide path ends, with papayas, bananas, and taro planted in the traditional way. After this garden, adventure trekkers can strap on the mud shoes and head into the forests—though make sure you keep the way out in the back of your mind as you venture in.

Keanae Village is just around the bend from the arboretum, as is the village of Wailua, which features two tiny historical churches and taro fields encircled by towering cliffs.

Visitors to Maui may want to do the Hana Highway in two days, seeing the sights as far as Keanae on one day, and then pushing to Hana and beyond on another. Maui Trailblazer has a detailed description of the route on pages 119 to 137. Check it out before you go, since much of the stuff is hard to spot.

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Source:: Keanae Arboretum: A family tree-hug on Maui's Hana Highway.

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