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This is an ancient Hawaiian form of fishing, with the participation of many natives of the coast, after obtaining a large group to help pull the net to shore.

The net is aligned with the ki (TI) to help scare the fish into the center of the fishing net.

A laulau is an authentic Hawaiian dish input. Made with chunks of pork, chicken, fish (salt salmon or butterfish) and / or vegetables wrapped in taro leaves. Once grouped, is strongly involved with ki (TI) sheets to form a moisture seal bag and wrapped with the flavors of the seasonings and stuffing.

Laulau is cooked in a pressure cooker or in an imu (underground oven)

The Hukilau Song

Oh we're going to a hukilau
A huki huki huki huki hukilau
Everybody loves the hukilau
Where the laulau is the kaukau at the luau

We throw our nets out into the sea
And all the `ama`ama come a-swimming to me
Oh, we're going to a hukilau
A huki huki huki hukilau

What a beautiful day for fishing
That old Hawaiian way
Where the hukilau nets are swishing
Down in old Lâ`ie bay
La canción Hukilau

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