Wear A Beautiful Lei From Hawaii For That Special Occasion

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Beautiful Hawaiian Leis For That Special Occasion

The giving of a lei symbolizes the giving of love or friendship. It is also given on occasions of celebration to honor someone at a special occasion. In Hawaii “aloha”, or greeting someone by giving them the gift of a lei, symbolizes the spirit behind this special way of making a person feel welcome. The beloved tradition of giving leis with exotic flowers and intoxicating scents has stood the test of time in Hawaii and is still practiced today. According to legend if a visitor tosses the lei that was given to them on arrival into the water when leaving the island and allows it to be driven ashore by the current, they will someday return to the islands.

How to Wear a Lei

Leis can be worn on different parts of the body and for various,s occasions. A shorter lei worn around the top of the head or around a hat is called a Haku and is made from a combination of flowers and greenery for women, and greenery only for men. A neck lei should be worn draped around the shoulders halfway down the front and halfway down the back. Multiple leis can be worn for special occasions and in Hawaii, many leis are presented by different well-wishers until they are piled up around a recipient’s neck.

A wrist lei is called a kupe’e and is worn by dancers to accentuate the graceful movements of their hands. Kupe’es can be worn to complete a festive outfit or just for the fun of it. Ankle kupe’es are worn around the ankles to draw attention to the motion of the feet.

Flowers Used for Making Leis

The tuberose has a delicate color that adds a subtle touch to a lei of bright green leaves. Red berries are also popular for use in leis and complement any type of flower. Carnations and tuberose are often used together for a wonderful contrast in color. Hundreds of small delicate white and yellow ginger blossoms are used to make intricately patterned leis which are given to symbolize love, respect, and appreciation.

Hawaiian Silk Leis

Traditional leis are made from fresh flowers, but silk and fabric flowers have become more popular lately as they last longer and can be kept to wear on many occasions. Artificial leis made from silk recreate the traditional look of fresh leis but last forever. These leis are lightweight and have no scent. They can be created in any mix of colors and be worn repeatedly. Silk leis are perfect for those who would like to take part in festivities but also may suffer from allergies. Silk leis are easy to transport and there is no risk of them getting damaged during transit.

The best leis are made in Hawaii by artisans who have been carefully trained in the art of making traditional leis. That is why it is best to buy leis directly from Hawaii. They are authentic and beautifully made according to centuries-old traditions that have been passed on through the generations. These artisans use their craft to make fresh as well as silk leis that can be used for any occasion.

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