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These Ain't Your Grandparents Scrubs

If someone isn't feeling well and you show up wearing something bright, fun, colorful -- something from Hawaii -- you can make that person immediately feel better. And that's why we encourage everyone in the medical profession to wear Hawaiian scrubs!

These ain't your typical medical scrubs! These have tropical prints -- it's like wearing a piece of paradise. You'll feel great -- and everyone you come in contact with will feel great too! These scrubs bring smiles -- and better health -- to everyone around you.

Hawaiian clothing is now the IN, and you can now scrub the plain scrubsand go Hawaiian. You probably went into the medical profession to help make them smile when they're not feeling you believe those plain scrubs (uniform) you're wearing is helping you achieve that goal? WE DOUBT IT!!!

Sounds silly, but it's true -- it's impossible to be in a bad mood when you're wearing bright, colorful and fun Hawaiian clothing. And the patients will just smile and feel better immediately when they see how tropical you look. So surf on over to Kapo Trading Company and check out the newly updated Hawaiian scrubs selection.

"Aloha Fridays" or "casual Fridays" is now a common tradition of celebrating the end of the workweek by wearing more casual attire on Fridays. Hawaiian scrubs are a perfect way to partake in casual Fridays.

Informal research indicates that it is nearly impossible to be stressed when you wear Hawaiian clothing. It just makes you feel good. With beautiful floral prints that remind you of picturesque beaches, and comfortable fitting clothing, it puts people in a more relaxed mode. Maybe "Aloha Fridays" will expand to everyday....we think the world would be a much brighter place.

Mahalo and do something nice for someone today....spread the Aloha Spirit!

Mahalo for reading. Please share the Aloha Spirit and do something nice for someone today. We welcome your comments and feedback. This blog is brought to you by KTC Hawaiian -- with over 3000 fun, unique and authentic Hawaiian items, we deliver Hawaii to you!

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