Hawaiian Shirts That You Can Wear Without Looking Like Grandpa

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Do you like to wear bright-colored shirts with floral, palm, or fruit patterns?

Concerned that if you wear such a tropical shirt you'll look like an old Grandpa?

Mens Hawaiian Shirts

Floral shirts are no longer for the tourist getting off a plane from Hawaii. For the past few years, brands have been making the once-lame shirt cool again. When cut well, and when patterned with attractive punches of color, the shirts can provide a welcome alternative to the same polo shirt or pale blue Oxford you've worn summer after summer.

Here are eight Hawaiian shirts you can wear without fear of looking tacky.

But first, some style tips:

  1. Ditch the sleeves. Wearing a full-sleeve floral shirt almost always means you're covering yourself in too much loud print.
  2. Stay away from really crazy colors. Red, blue, and green? Sure. Highlighter yellow, or neon green? No, you're not signaling to alien aircraft.
  3. Control the pattern. Pair your floral shirt with a neutral chino or a pair of denim.
  4. Layer. If you want another way to mute the loud pattern on your shirt, throw on a lightweight knit, like a cardigan, or a denim jacket.

Lihilihi Island Button Up Shirt

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Your perfect tropical shirt! Sun, waves and beach walks are what you want while wearing the Aloha shirt you deserve. Make statement at a Luau, weekend pool or beach party, resort getaway and tropical event with your stylish Hawaiian shirt.

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