Hawaii: An Exotic Destination

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Hawaii: This island is still growing, as a river of molten lava pours often from the caldera into the sea and has long been considered a spiritual place where simply standing still on the ancient lava fields can energize the body. An island of unique experiences, you can walk behind a waterfall that drops from 500-feet above to 500-feet below. Have a tingling foot massage standing in the calm bay at Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Historic Park, where natural artesian springs bubble up through the ocean waters. Sit on the Kona seawall to meditate on the flying fish jumping just out of reach of passing cruise boats. Stand at the top of a volcano near steam vents that wash your cheeks with a natural sauna.

Hawaii is an exotic destination with all the comforts of being a U.S. state. Hawaii is the only state with its own music, its own language and its own dance. Hawaii's multi-ethnic population offers endless possibilities to experience Pacific, Asian and Western healing techniques, cuisine, festivals, events and activities. The energy derived from Hawaii's natural, healing environment will rejuvenate and soothe your spirit, enticing you to return to the Islands of Aloha time and time again.

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