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Kauai’s Napali Coast: How to Find the Wilderness Beyond the People-jam at the Kalalau Trail

By noreply@blogger.com (Trailblazer Hawaii) The northwest coast of Kauai—which is itself the most northwesterly of the major Hawaiian Islands—is roadless and wild, where knuckle-sets of 2,000-foot-high cliff heads greet the pounding Pacific. At road's end past Hanalei is the Kalalau Trail, beginning its rugged, 11-mile journey to the Kalalau Valley, a pilgrimage for pig-hunters, adventure…
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One of the Most Special Places on Kauai

By Sheila Beal   Mahalo to Chris Holmes for sharing this awesome shot of Kalalau Valley for Aloha Friday Photos. Here's what Chris mentioned about this shot: I just love going up to Kalalau Valley, I believe it to be one of the most special places on Kauai. There are normally clouds that fill the…
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