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Hawaiian Foods You Must Try

Poi, Poke and SPAM Musubi Smell that? No, it's not the plumeria all around Hawaii. It's the mouthwatering smell of barbecued meat -- and Hawaiians love it. A typical evening meal in a household in Hawaii would be chicken or beef marinated in what's called "shoyu/sugar", which is very similar to teriyaki sauce, except not…
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Look Great, Feel Great, In Women’s Plus Size Hawaiian Clothing

Look Great, Feel Great, In Women's Plus Size Hawaiian Clothing [monkeytools msnip=""] So Many Options In Hawaiian Clothing for Plus Size Women Aloha! Are you a plus size woman? Do you love Hawaiian clothing? Excellent! There are lots of beautiful Hawaiian clothing in plus sizes that will make you not only look great, but feel…
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Why Do They Wear Hawaiian Grass Skirts Anyways?

"The hula is the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people." -King David Kalakaua [monkeytools msnip=""] The tradition of Hula and grass skirts are an integral part of Hawaiian culture. The early Polynesians danced Hula to tell stories of the gods as well as recount history through chants and song. Hula was banned in Hawaii a few decades after…
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The Meaning of a Flower in a Woman’s Hair

Flowers are beautiful to look at, but did you know they can have a deeper meaning? They can hold memories of love from family and friends, and they can also hold memories for those they've lost. When a girl wears a flower in her hair, it can mean many things. Whether friendship, family,or a significant…
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