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Hawaii Charter Fishing

Sometimes the hardest thing about going on vacation is the overdose of downtime. You want to find enough things to do to keep you busy, but not too much to where you feel overloaded. Chartering a fishing boat has its advantages, but on the island of Hawaii, it is a day trip that you do…
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Oahu: Two Great Places to Swim with the Turtles and Fishies

By (Trailblazer Hawaii) Hanauma Bay, not far south of Waikiki is by far the most-visited snorkeling venue in the Islands. But that doesn't mean it's a must-do. It can be crowded and the visiting protocol is a hassle—plus the snorkeling isn't that great close to shore. Two nearby alternatives are Makai Research Pier (at…
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Hawaii Volcanoes: Did You Know?

We get a lot of questions about Hawaii volcanoes. Here's some answers to your most pressing Hawaii volcano questions: HOW HOT ARE HAWAII VOLCANOES? Very hot!! Here are some temperatures recorded at different times and locations: The temperature of basalt lava at Kilauea reaches 1,160 degrees Celsius (2,120 degrees Fahrenheit). -- USGS/VHP Website, 1998 The…
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