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The Mai Tai – Know Where It Came From?

The Mai Tai - An Iconic Drink A Mai Tai. What do you think of? Probably a beach vacation, tiki huts, and Hawaiian culture. Everyone knows the name -- the Mai Tai has become an iconic tropical drink. But believe it or not, the alcoholic beverage wasn’t actually invented in Hawaii or even in Tahiti…
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Secrets About Hawaii: Kamehameha’s Bones

Did You Know This Hawaiian Secret? There are many secrets you probably didn't know about Hawaii. In this post, we share one about Kamehameha's Bones. The Hawaiian Islands are full of ancient mysteries, local folklore and stories handed down one generation at a time that continue to fascinate and intrigue. Hawaii is a place of…
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Surfing Dictionary A

Acetone Flammable, volatile, toxic chemical solvent used to clean polyester resin from tools, etc. Aerial Complex small-wave maneuver in which both surfer and board launch into the air off the top of a wave, before dropping back down into the same wave. The surfer often grabs a rail of the surfboard for stability and to…
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