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Vintage Hawaiian Shirts: Wear a Piece of History

Beautiful and Authentic Hawaiian Shirts It's easy to find cheap knock-offs of Hawaiian shirts, but owning a vintage Hawaiian shirt is like owning a piece of island history. Vintage Hawaiian shirts were manufactured between 1930 - 1950 and are high quality garments made from rayon, cotton, or silk. Brilliant designs and intricate buttons lend quality…
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The Hawaiian Shirt: Aloha That Never Goes Out Of Style

You might know them as Hawaiian shirts, but in Hawaii, they have a different name: Aloha shirts. And they have actually come a long ways from when your always-golfing grandfather attempted to appear like Magnum, P.I. Today, they're not just put on by business owners in Hawaii: Hawaiian-inspired patterns are on the racks in department stores such as Neiman…
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