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Hawaiian Love Phrases

Anyone can say "I Love You" for Valentine's Day, but if you want to make a great impression on your sweetheart, say how you really feel in Hawaiian.Here are some popular Hawaiian love phrases :Ko Aloha Makamae E Ipo ~ Sweetheart you are so precious Ko`u Aloha ~ My Love Ku`u Lei ~ My beloved Me Ke Aloha ~ With love Me Ke Aloha…
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Valentine’s Day: Hawaiian-Style

Ahhh, Valentine's Day....when you're in love and want to pamper you significant other, Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to do something special and romantic. Planning With A Budget Hawaii is an excellent destination for anyone who enjoys showing their love by "taking them away". The high season in Hawaii runs from mid-December to late…
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Flower Colors and What They Mean

With Valentine's Day being right around the corner, you're probably seeing lots of flowers in many different colors. Did you know that flowers and their colors have meanings? So if you want to make sure that you're sending the right message when you give flowers, look at our list of the 10 most popular flowers…
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