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Tiki Gods From Ancient Hawaii

Long ago in Hawaii, from fire ejecting volcanoes as well powerful plunging surf, ancient Hawaiians filled their incredible land as well as their past with tiki gods. Ancient oracles of Hawaiian kahunas perched on volcano cliffs, carved wooden tikis peering with the jungle, mystic caves along the coast and great tiki god temples of sacrifice…
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Turn Your Home Into A Tropical Paradise

Your Own Tropical Paradise At Home What's the first thing you think of when I say the word tiki? For most people, images of grass skirts, flowered necklaces, and wooden statues with large heads come to mind. The tiki theme is all about the South Pacific, including the Hawaiian Islands, which tends to focus on nature and relaxation. You don't…
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What is a Tiki Anyways?

What is a Tiki Anyways? In our modern culture, the word "tiki" has generally come to be associated with the stereotypical island way of life: easy living on romantic, exotic islands. However, the word has its roots in an art form created by several island cultures. The word "tiki" originally referred to a carved statue…
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