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Kona Coffee – The History of The Best Tasting Coffee

In 1828, Samuel Reverend Ruggles planted the very first coffee tree in the Kona District of Kailua-Kona, watching it grow from a piece of a tree originated in Oahu into a coffee empire. By 1899, nearly 3 million coffee trees had grown throughout the region. Today, there are around 650 farms responsible for coffee cultivation…
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What Makes Kona Coffee Different

In order to be called "Kona Coffee ", coffee must be grown in a small area on the West Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. The Kona Coffee growing region is only about fifty square miles in all, and is farmed by small landowners. Like much of Hawaii, Kona offers ideal climate conditions for…
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History of Kona Coffee in Hawaii

How did this ornamental tree imported into Honolulu in about 1813 by Kamehameha the Great's Spanish interpreter and physician Don Francisco de Paula y Marin become Kona's economic mainstay? The first coffee was planted in Kona by missionary Samuel Ruggles in 1828 or 1829. These first arabica trees were taken from cuttings planted on Oahu…
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