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Wear What the Locals Wear…Mele Sandals

Locals Hawaiian style! Mele ‘slippahs' are the Hawaiian standard sandals and are the most popular for the whole family and are the surfers choice!. These sandals are a collectible addition to your flip flop attire. They are super light-weight for great comfort. All our LOCAL'S sandals are available in sizes for Men and Women. Be a "local" and…
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What Do Hawaiians Wear On Their Feet?

What do Hawaiians wear on their feet? You're probably thinking flip-flops. NOPE! Hawaiians do not wear flip-flops. This might be news to you if you're on the Mainland, but it's true. Hawaiians do not wear thongs, either, at least not on their feet. They do not wear jandals, as they do in New Zealand. And…
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Slippahs: More Than Just For Everyday Wear

So Many Uses For The Hawaiian Slippah If you wear flip-flops, you probably think they're just to wear on your feet. But Hawaiians, who call 'em Slippahs, have found much better uses for them. There's no great or more convenient cockroach (or other bug) whapper. And when the kids in the neighborhood all get together…
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