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King’s Trail is a Walk on Maui’s Wild Side

By noreply@blogger.com (Trailblazer Hawaii)   Not far from where the road ends beyond ritzy Wailea, the rugged King's Trail begins its 12-mile run along the island's arid and out-there south coast. The trail dates from King Pi'ilani in the 1500s, though it was reconstucted by Governor Hoapili in the early 1800s—and more recently by park…
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Haleakala Sunrise

When the decision is made to live life in the moment, every day becomes an adventure. I finally had the opportunity to camp on Haleakala, the volcano which 75% of Maui occupies itself on, and the volcano which I now call home. Although I have become very familiar with my immediate surroundings, I have yet…
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