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A Look at Hawaiian Shirts

Ever wonder why there's such a difference in price between different Hawaiian shirts? Some of it obviously has to do with fabric. Tshirts can run as low as $10, but a high quality silk shirt can run as much as $100. Border Hawaiian shirts are a luxury because so much fabric is wasted in making them. This…
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Great Ideas for Hawaiian Leis

Feeling crafty? Are you not sure what to do with the Hawaiian lei that you’ve had for years but, its so pretty you don’t want to get rid of it? Make a cute accessory with it! Its fun, easy and you only need a few materials… You'll Need: Fabric Hawaiian Lei Scissors Needle Thread Clear…
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Hawaiian Scrubs — This Ain’t Your Dad’s Hawaiian Shirt

When you think of a Hawaiian shirt, you probably think of a big, bright, and gaudy polyester shirt that you'd never want to be seen in. Times have changed!!! Hawaiian clothing not only makes you look good, but makes you feel good too! Hawaiian clothing is now the IN, and you can now scrub the…
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