Hawaii – Surfing, Pineapples, Huge Omelets, Monster Burgers, Mountains of Pancakes, Luau and More

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Hawaii - Surfing, Pineapples, Huge Omelets, Monster Burgers, Mountains of Pancakes, Luau and more - Furious World Tour

Furious Pete went to Hawaii for this World Tour, and spent most of our time over on Maui and Oahu. Follow Furious to Hawaii where he takes on some big challenges, including scarfing down a massive omelet in Honolulu. Furious then flys over to Maui where they put him to work as he helps some of the locals roast a pig in a fire pit.

He then hikes above the clouds, and stops for some pulled pork sliders and and pineapple skewers on his way down the mountain.

Locals Mele Sandals

He then hunts down another food truck serving up some fresh fruit fish tacos. Furious then hangs out with a local enjoying some fresh Poi. He later returns to see how his pit roasted pig is doing where he is indoctrinated to some lovely hula dancers while dreaming of his roasting pig.

SPAM. Yes, he then hunts down some SPAM fried rice and SPAM sushi role at a local restaurant.

After eating most of Oahu and Maui, he then tracks down the McDaddy challenge where is able to inhale three 14" pancakes in a record setting 9 minutes and 56 seconds.

Completely stuffed, he then works those off by paddling out to see some of the Hawaiian aquatic life and trying his hand at surfing. Furious heads out to track down and learn more about the pineapple farming regions of Maui. At the end of his pineapple adventure he runs off with a chest full of pineapples, then only to partake in the 7 pattie Hamburger eating challenge.

No way, this guy is insane, he inhales the 7 burger patties in 4 minutes and 52 seconds, but yet he is still not done eating his way through Hawaii. You have got to see this guy inhale these mountainous meals. Furious continues his Hawaiian eating binge locating the number 1 rated chef for fish dishes in Hawaii where he literally skins the fish to the bones.

Watch the video below for some of Hawaii's top authentic Hawaiian food dishes and extravagant eating contests, proving that Hawaii is home to some of the best and authentic cuisine in the world.



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