Vital Kauai Tips for a Stress-Free and Relaxing Vacation

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Before donning your Hawaiian beach shorts and heading towards the Pacific, make sure you know important Kauai tips to avoid complications and other troubles that can break the excitement. Careful preparation is the key for the whole family to enjoy and have an experience of a lifetime. Kauai is a very casual place so always emphasize comfort and convenience in every part of your trip planning (Hawiian Shorts, Hawaiian Dresses and Hawaiian Shirts are encouraged)

How to Get Around Kauai

Kauai trips are available on the internet and it is ideal to make transportation reservations early since some days of the week and seasons tend to be packed. The easiest method for most would be to borrow a car from a friend or relative living in Kauai or avail of a car rental service. Car rental rates in Hawaii are actually much cheaper compared to other states in America (but sorry gas is not).

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Expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $60 for a 1-day rental of a medium-size car. The price range already is non-discounted and has unlimited mileage. You can make reservations by phone, online or personally at agencies nearby Lihue Airport. Most companies allow you to drive anywhere on the island provided that you are at least 25 years old and have a valid driving license and credit card.

Motorcycle rentals are also available and most companies offer a wide selection of brands like Harley Davidson, Ducati, BMW, etc. Scooters and race bikes are available. Rental rates will depend on the motorcycle duration, model and location. Some companies may charge you by the hour. Age restrictions vary but every client is required to have a valid drivers license. If their coverage includes vehicle rental services in Kauai, check your credit card and insurance companies.

Public and private transportation options are also present in Kauai such as taxis, buses, limousines, airport boats, shuttles and helicopters. Taxis and buses generally pass through the two major highways on the island.

Buses do not stop at any resorts and requires a baggage limit for each passenger. Buses are available from 5:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. When going to particular attractions, it may be more convenient to take a taxi. We recommend that you take either a boat or helicopter for specific locations that are generally non-accessible by land on Kauai.

Bringing Kids Along

If you know the right services and methods, traveling to Kauai with children can be stress-free and fun. For flight plans, ask for seats with lots of leg room. Bring toys and other items that will relieve boredom for the duration of the trip.

If you're flying from the east coast to prevent tired kids from getting irritated and help them adjust to the time zone, you might want to try an overnight stopover in California. When driving around Kauai, always ask for a child or baby seat. Babies will need high chairs, cribs and strollers. You can contact your hotel and other transportation service to provide these for you at a fee.

In some events and areas, kids may not be allowed, so we suggest that you contact a babysitting service on the island if you plan to visit areas off limits to children. Kauai hotels, lodges and other locations will be glad to provide you a list of professional babysitting services. You only pay the person by the hour but make sure you inform and ask the front desk to check on your children regularly.

There are also special places like museums, beach events and parks that particularly cater to children with guides, caretakers and educators so you might consider leaving your little ones momentarily as you go to other less kid friendly attractions.

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