Discovering more of Kauai’s secrets with Danny Hashimoto, Hawaii

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Danny Hashimoto - a son of Hawai'i (born and raised...of native Hawaiian blood, Japanese and Chinese extraction). Danny is extremely grateful to have grown up on Kaua'i (and still "growing") and appreciating the natural beauty and lushness of his Garden Island, Danny loves being outdoors...which includes the ocean, particularly snorkeling and swimming with dolphins, turtles and other amazing, beautiful creatures such as spotted eagle rays, etc., when the opportunity arises.

Danny's appreciation for his native land of Hawai'i and his culture became more pronounced after having lived abroad in several countries as well as Colorado which was enjoyable due to the wonderful snow skiing (a very avid "ski boarder"...and helped pioneer this great new sport on the ski slopes.)

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Spending most of his time on Kaua'i, Danny is involved in a myriad of activities...from leading hiking tours (both easy and challenging - such as climbing waterfalls), to kayaking (ocean and river), even wild dolphin swims. Danny enjoys sharing his native land with both newcomers and locals... sharing his knowledge of history, culture, native plants, birds, and even the sacredness of certain sites/areas which he has been doing actively for the last four years.

Other activities include making delicious chocolate treats using raw cacao and healthy ingredients such as pure coconut milk and quality sweeteners with a low glycemic index, etc. Danny has been perfecting his art of making chocolate mousse and fudge over the past four years and has won a number of cooking contests in the dessert-making category.

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