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When the decision is made to live life in the moment, every day becomes an adventure. I finally had the opportunity to camp on Haleakala, the volcano which 75% of Maui occupies itself on, and the volcano which I now call home. Although I have become very familiar with my immediate surroundings, I have yet to witness most of what this Island has to offer.

This journey began in Kahalui, where my friend and I met up on our motorcycles to plan our drive. The goal? Catching the sunset and the sunrise atop the highest point on Maui; Haleakala summit, sitting just above 10,000 feet above sea level.

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Maui has made it clear to me why people have an addiction to motorcycles; curving and winding along the twisty roads, wind in your face gives you a sense of what freedom should truly feel like. Include the beauty of the surroundings, and any trip on a motorcycle can free your mind.

It took time and a few stops, but the summit was reached within twenty minutes of official sunset. Surrounded, but not crowded by people, there was a feeling in the air that we all knew something special was about to happen. As we all stood there, wrapped in blankets and warm clothing, talking and joking around with our cameras awaiting, one couldn't help but smile.

Within itself, the sunset was beyond description. The multitude of colors, and intensity of the light is enough to overwhelm oneself. Not overwhelming in the sense that you are submerged in dispute, but overwhelming in the sense that time is standing still; the sunset was like a powerful symphony, quieting as it becomes more vulnerable and beautiful as it dies down. Its rays, beaming through the cloudy horizon, look as if they are proudly waving good bye to a friend. Although disappearing, there's a confidence that you will see them again someday soon.

As the sunset finished, Marc and I got on our bikes and drove a few thousand feet down to Hosmer's Grove camp site, where we adventured and pitched a tent for the night. Early morning came too soon, as we left for the summit before 5:00 in the morning. Although I wish our experience for sunrise was as positive and as mind-numbingly beautiful as the sunset, mother nature had different plans. There was no sunrise to be seen, as clouds and rain paved way through the early morning.

Leaving Haleakala disappointed at the lack of sunrise, we couldn't help but reflect on the previous night and the experience of watching the sunset from 10,000 feet above sea level and above the clouds. Although sunrise was a disappointment, the sunset blew away expectations; words can't fully capture the emotions that rise as the sun sets, and if anyone visits Maui, I highly recommend taking the time to experience a sunset from the highest point of the island. I know I will be making the trip again soon.

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