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Although I don't drink often, I do enjoy a Corona (with a lime, of course) while relaxing on the beach on a sunny day. Due to never living near a beach, I never fully understood the Corona commercials, most of which end with the line 'Find your beach....'

Prior to Maui, I believed all beaches where the same. It didn't take long, however, to realize how different and unique each beach truly is. After nine months on the island, here are the beaches that I would classify as a 'must-visit' for those in Maui, or hoping to visit Maui.

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3. Black Sand Beach - Hana, HI

BlackSandBeachAlthough this beach is not one that I would spend hours upon hours on, it was still exciting to spend some time here, as it is such a unique beach. Instead of stereotypical brown/white sand, the sand on this beach is black.

When lava contacts water, it rapidly cools and turns into black sand. Since black sand beaches are created by lava flows, which don't happen often, black sand beaches tend to have a short life since the sands don't get replenished often.

This beach was small and a little busier than I would have liked, but it was so unique that I feel it deserved a spot as one of my favorite beaches.


2. Charlie Young Beach - Kihei, HI

CharlieYoungBeachThis one is one of my favorites, as it is not far from my home in Kihei. It is a long beach, with beautiful water and is surrounded by a few resorts. This beach, however, is large enough to not feel overly-crowded, and is a beautiful place to observe sunsets without needing to drive too far.



1. Big Beach - Makena State Park

BigBeach Big Beach is, as of now, my favorite beach on the island of Maui. A beautiful, massive beach that, despite always having a lot of people, is large enough to allow one to feel secluded from everything else. With beautiful sand, perfect water and little wind, this beach has become my 'own' beach, and is well worth a visit.



There are many beaches that could have made the list; Baldwin Beach in Paia, Ka'anapali Beach in Lahaina and Little Beach in Makena State Park just to name a few. This list is, however, my personal list. And although I have spent time on many beaches, there are still hundreds of beaches that I have not spent time on; I guess that is a perk of living in Maui!
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