Coconut Shell Buttons Mean Top Quality Hawaiian Shirts

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You Can Measure the Quality of a Hawaiian Shirt By Its Buttons

The coconut is a plant that belongs to the Palmae family and is widely grown in tropical regions as it needs a proper living environment for its growth and production.

Coconut is well-known as a multi-purpose plant and has been utilized and developed in a manner that yields a high economic value. Even, for the part of the plant that could be considered a waste, such as the fiber which is utilized as active charcoal among other uses, while the shell is often processed and used to create remarkable pieces of artwork, and yeah buttons for Hawaiian Shirts.

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The coconut shell has the biological function as a protector of the primary fruit. Located on the inner side of the coconut fiber with an overall thickness of 3 to 6 mm (1/8" to 1/4"). Coconut shell can be categorized as very hard wood, very durable, yet has a high lignin level and lower cellulose level, and a water level of about 6 - 9 % (counted based on its dry weight).

With the above composition, it is easy to see why this would make for great artworks with extremely high quality and imperishability. These unique features have resulted in the development of the modern coconut shell hand craft industry, including most importantly for KTC Hawaiian shirts, the buttons.

Instead of being thrown away, or used as firewood for cooking dry coconut shells are carved into all kinds of different designs, including exceptionally high-quality buttons for our Hawaiian shirts, colored and varnished. Coconut shell craftsmanship involves tremendous creativity and is used for the creation of unique and decorative items by artisans. This list of items includes table lamps, flower pots, table clocks, different idols, coconut bras, decorative items, lucky for our top quality Hawaiian shirts, buttons. Think about it - these extremely durable coconut buttons were made for the challenge of not perishing from the heat and chemicals of washing and dry cleaning. Yes, that means no exploding cheap buttons on our Hawaiian shirts.

Traditionally, crafting objects out of the coconut shell is to make the household object which was practiced for many years by coconut farmers and because the coconut shell is hard and very durable wood only highly skilled craftsmen/women can make products from it. The coconut shell craft has gained much popularity only in the last few decades and hence does not have a long history, although coconuts themselves have been around almost forever. Some reports suggested coconut craft being brought in from Iraq nearly 900 years ago. It could also be that the wood carving artisans from the Middle East and Persia were the first ones to try carving on the coconut shell.

Coconut Shell Buttons Mean Top Quality Hawaiian Shirts

Now the coconut craft has spread throughout the world. The success of the coconut craft is due to its eco-friendliness, supply available throughout the world, and of course the extreme durability of the coconut wood.

Selecting the Right Coconut Shell

While choosing the coconut shell, the following requirements must be kept in mind. Select the shell of the required thickness, shape, and size needed to complete the articles being created. Irregularly shaped shells can not be used very well to make symmetrical objects, but lucky for us though the coconut has plenty of flat hard area for making coconut buttons.

What's next you ask? Every shell must be viewed for cracks that develop either due to direct sunlight or most of the time due to the wrong way of breaking open the shell. Here is an interesting sound test. An iron nail, or iron piece, is then used to strike the shell. A good uncracked shell will give a clear deep sound, whereas a cracked shell will give a distorted uneven sound. You could also test a shell by dropping it onto the cement floor and judging again by the sound test.

Coconut Shell Buttons Mean Top Quality Hawaiian Shirts

To produce the highest quality coconut products shells must be selected that do not have oil-marks on them. Often, a very dry coconut will release the oil inside of the shell itself. This is then quickly absorbed by the shell, leaving oil marks that make these shells not ideal for the artisan craft but perfectly suitable for the coconut button trade.

Process of Coconut Crafting

The process of the coconut art/button craft then involves sketching, cutting, sanding, drilling and buffing to create the perfect looking Hawaiian shirt button that you will find on many of our Hawaiian shirts. Think about it for a second.  If the above is just what goes into the button, can you imagine the quality of the rest of the Hawaiian shirt?  You can feel quite confident that our Hawaiian shirts buttons and fabric will hold up the 100's of washes and dry cleaning without the colors fading, running or the buttons exploding.  Great quality Hawaiian shirts at great prices. Get Yours Today!

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