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What is an Aloha shirt or Hawaiian shirt? The simplest thing to say is that "You know one when you see one." In a way, the Aloha shirt is a unifying symbol of the Aloha Spirit, a major theme in Hawaii representing goodwill within a diverse community and evolved over many years, influenced by diverse elements. No one person or company can be identified as the Aloha shirt's inventor.

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The roots of the Aloha shirt can be traced to the kapa (or tapa, the Samoan equivalent) cloth found throughout the Pacific, made from pounding and dyeing the bark of the wauke (mulberry) tree. Kapa cloth was the currency of South Pacific cultures until they switched to a currency-based economy in the early 18th century. These patterns would later become popular in the 50's. The finest original kapa cloth designs were from the Hawaiian Islands.

The Aloha shirt patterns were greatly influenced by the Tahitian pareu, which was a simple piece of cloth of bold, simple designs of floral designs in white on a plain solid background. The Hawaiian Aloha shirt was worn by both sexes by the middle of the 1800's. These patterns have affected Aloha shirt designs since the 1930's. It is currently the premier textile export of the Hawaii manufacturing industry. The dress shirts are printed, mostly short-sleeved, and collared.

Our KTC Hawaiian Aloha shirts have a left chest pocket sewn in to make the printed pattern continuous. The lower hem is straight, as the shirts are not meant to be tucked in. You will find Aloha or Hawaiian shirts in all kinds of shapes and patterns.  For those very large fellows out there we have a full line of 2XL, 3xL, 4XL, 5XL Hawaiian shirts in stock.

Aloha shirts exported to the mainland United States and elsewhere are often referred to as Hawaiian shirts and often brilliantly colored with floral patterns or generic Polynesian motifs and are worn as casual, informal wear. A recent trend for larger men has been to gravitate towards the comfort and design of the 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL Hawaiian shirt or Aloha shirt.

By contrast, men's Aloha shirts manufactured for local Hawaiian residents are usually adorned with traditional Hawaiian quilt designs, tapa designs, or simple floral patterns in somewhat more muted colors. Aloha shirts manufactured for local consumption are considered formal wear in business and government, and thus are regarded as equivalent to a shirt, coat, and tie, which are generally impractical in the warmer climate of Hawaii, in all but the most formal of settings.

The related concept of "Aloha Attire" stems from the Aloha shirt. Semi-formal functions such as weddings, birthday parties, and dinners are often designated as "Aloha Attire", meaning that men wear Aloha shirts and women wear muumuus. Because Hawaii tends to be more casual, it is rarely appropriate to attend such functions in full evening wear like on the Mainland. Instead, Aloha Attire is seen as the happy medium between excessive formality and casual wear. "Aloha Friday," has now become a widely shared tradition of celebrating the end of the workweek by wearing more casual attire on Fridays, which initially grew out of an effort to promote aloha shirts.

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